Chronicles of Everen Series

Genre: Science Fiction

The Arena: chronicles of everen book one


Earth is gone…

The galaxy is at war…

But Duncan Alexander Greyson has more important things to worry about.

After the death of his mother, Duncan’s dad sells him into slavery.

Now he must fight for his life in a space-age coliseum, trained to kill by the worst humankind has to offer. He’s promised freedom but only if he can claw his way out from ever-mounting debt.

When a secret his mother took to her grave comes to light, Duncan becomes more determined than ever.


He’s leaving Neo Roma.

Even if it’s in a body bag.

​​Liberator: Chronicles of Everen book two


The Liberator's crew escaped Neo Roma.

Now Neo Roma wants them back.

Captain Duncan Greyson intends to deliver justice. As captain of the starship Liberator, his goal is to reunite his crew with their families and arrest the slavers who sold them.

But when the currupt Neo Roma Colony sends bounty hunters to fetch the fugitive gladiators, Duncan will need to bend the law to evade the well-connected traffickers. If caught, their fate is death or worse. On the run, starvation and secrets may prove just as fatal.

Duncan swore they'd never be captives again.

If Neo Roma wants them, they'll have to take them.

In a body bag.

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