June 13, 2017

A human visits Anonijeshiris, the homeworld of the Anoni aliens in Chronicles of Everen universe, and meets a friend. They invite them over for dinner and shocked to find they have a hard time getting into their friend's apartment. They don't have stairs leadin...

March 7, 2017

A pair of silvery eyes flick across a dusky horizon. It's not night. It's midday on this particular people's homeworld. To them, the world is bright, colorful. To their human visitors, night vision goggles are recommended, according to the official visitor's guide.


February 21, 2017

A portal is opened. A spacecraft lands on an uncharted world. A protagonist stumbles on a pride of werecats. While drifting in space, a captain encounters a new people.

These are a few of the examples of our world meeting with the fantastic creations authors present to...

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